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Hey Everyone!


I was busy again working on some paintings for St. Thomas.  I do all acrylic on 8x10" canvas panels to be sold in Castaways Boutique at Sugar Bay Resort, St. Thomas V.I.  They have been selling pretty well there and every couple of months, Bill Slosky, the owner of the boutique asks me to do more. 


They are all tropical island landscapes and seascape, which is not my usual style, but that,of course, is the style the guests at the resort like to buy.


  If you see something that you like and would like one like it, let me know which one and what size you want, and I'll do one for you.  It won't be exactly like it, but very close.  (No two paintings will ever turn out exactly alike.)  Before you pay for it and I ship it, I'll send you a photo of it so you can determine at that time if it's want you want.


Here are a few that I did:


Please excuse the newspaper that I have the paintings laying on.  I put them on newspaper when I put the varnish on.


I guess that's it, for now!  More later...