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Hi Everyone,


Spring is here and it's time to open the windows and get that breeze coming through the house!  This is the way it is for most of the country, but, here in Florida, it's the opposite.


Here in Florida, when summer comes and the temperature starts climbing to the 90's, the windows get closed and the air condition comes on.  Sometimes I really wish I could live back in PA.  I miss the rolling hills, the curvy roads and the cool breeze.  Of course, I don't miss those really humid days of summer there either.


Since Summer is coming and that's the time people like to go to the beach, I'll have to start doing more paintings around the beaches.  I enjoy doing the country paintings, but, now the people of the country are going to the beach on vacation, so I have to do more tropical and beach scenes.


I hope you will like them!


Have a wonderful summer! :)


Thank you!