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Artist Statement

What inspires me, is the world around me. The trees, ocean, lakes, birds and all of creation. Of course, other artists have been a big inspiration, too. Carolee Clark, Martina Shapiro and Blenda Tyvoll, to name a few. But, I have to add my mother, because, she was very creative and they say it runs in the family. I hope I have been blessed with as much creativity as she had. 

I paint because I need to. My whole life, I felt like something was missing. I felt incomplete even though I delve into creative things such as Needle Point, sewing, ceramics, cake decorating, but at the age of 60, I finally picked up a paint brush and my whole world opened up! I thank God every day for giving me creativity, and as long as I can still paint, nothing will ever be too bad in life. It goes to show you, at any age, you can find your calling and passion in life.